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Farmers’ Market Recipe: Arbol Pepper Honey Shrimp

Mar 12, 2012 Comments Off

This recipe has just four ingredients, but it rocked our socks the other night. The secret? Cloister Honey. If you live in Charlotte, you can find it at local food stores like Atherton Market, Reid’s, or Fabo. If you live outside of Charlotte, look for it at Dean and Deluca. The Cloister people are incredibly [...]

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$5 Challenge Recipes

Sep 16, 2011 Comments Off

The challenge: Can you make a great, homemade meal with local ingredients for the same cost of a value meal? Challenge accepted! Here are several recipes for The Slow Food USA $5 Challenge. Have more? Keep ‘em coming! Italian Dining for Two This recipe — or some variation of it — is a mainstay in [...]

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Slow Food’s Five-Dollar Challenge: Charlotte Edition

Aug 19, 2011 1 Comment

True or False? A fast food value meal is cheaper than a slow food dinner at home. False. And Slow Food USA will prove it. Slow Food USA has issued a challenge: Can you make a delicious meal made with quality ingredients for the cost of a fast food value meal? They think you can. [...]

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“Soil to Soul” Dinner Coming to Charlotte

Jun 01, 2011 Comments Off

Attention Charlotte foodies, locavores, and lovers of a good time… Some of the most popular names in local food are teaming up to host the Soil to Soul Farm Dinner, a farm-to-fork dinner this June. Windy Hill and Coldwater Creek Farms will join forces with Charlotte chefs Susanne Dillingham (owner of The Tiny Chef) and Craig [...]

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CSAs in Charlotte

Mar 29, 2011 1 Comment

Last summer, I signed up for my first CSA, or Community Supported Agriculture. The deal was simple: I paid $250 and volunteered one afternoon at the farm, and in return, Cold Water Creek Farms kept my kitchen stocked with organic produce for fifteen weeks in the late summer and fall. I opted for the half-share CSA, [...]

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The Salmonella Outbreak: How To Buy Safer Eggs

Aug 19, 2010 2 Comments

Today’s news of the massive egg salmonella outbreak has millions of Americans flocking to their fridges to see if they’ve got contaminated eggs. But the bigger questions are these: Why do these outbreaks happen so regularly, and how can we protect ourselves against future ones?

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NC 10% Campaign Kicks Off in Charlotte… With a Song!

Aug 17, 2010 3 Comments

The NC 10% Campaign kicked off in Charlotte today with a song… quite literally.

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Local Honey: ‘Tis Sweet Indeed

Aug 05, 2010 1 Comment

Local raw honey — at last, those of us with sweet tooths can claim a health food!

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JW’s Farm: Preserving Heirloom Plants

Jul 22, 2010 Comments Off

It’s a startling statistic. In 1981, the number of seed varieties in catalogs was 5,000; today that number has dwindled to about 500. That decline is a stark representation of the effect of corporations’ greater control over the supply and distribution of seeds. Their concern? Bottom line. Enter JW’s Farm. JW’s is a micro-farm that brings fresh, local produce to Charlotte while preserving heirloom varieties of plants and supporting genetic diversity.

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Matthews Community Farmers Market

Jul 13, 2010 Comments Off

Very little can compel me to wake at sunrise on a Saturday, but the Matthews Community Farmer’s Market provides a convincing argument to set the alarm. This is the market that sells to the chefs of some of Charlotte’s finest restaurants, and it is the largest and most diverse growers-only market in our area.

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