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How to Grow Your Own Garlic

Nov 09, 2011 4 Comments

Ahhh, garlic, giver of bad breath and deliciousness in equal, generous measure. In our region, it’s time to plant now so that we can enjoy our own garlic next year. Garlic has a reputation of being a cinch to grow. It requires sun but not much room: you can plant it in your garden, intersperse [...]

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Temporarily Vegan: The Recap

Jul 20, 2011 5 Comments

The experiment: Could I go vegan for three days? I’m a cheese fiend, a seafood lover, an ice cream connoisseur. The shocking result: Eating vegan was the easiest part. It was everything else that got tricky. Preparing to go vegan was harder than going vegan. Prior to starting, I surrounded myself with books, all of [...]

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Can I Recycle This? – Tech Edition

Jun 10, 2011 Comments Off

Ahh, the fickle heart and the roaming eye of the gadget guru. You know who you are, the one who barely has a new tech toy out of the box before you’re back on CNET to see what will replace it. How quickly our favorite tech toys become relics of our previous lives. But what [...]

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CSAs in Charlotte

Mar 29, 2011 1 Comment

Last summer, I signed up for my first CSA, or Community Supported Agriculture. The deal was simple: I paid $250 and volunteered one afternoon at the farm, and in return, Cold Water Creek Farms kept my kitchen stocked with organic produce for fifteen weeks in the late summer and fall. I opted for the half-share CSA, [...]

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Love the Earth, Drop Some Pounds

Jan 09, 2011 Comments Off

For all the benefits of green living, here’s another: it tends to make you thin and fit. A green diet contains less fat and empty calories; a green lifestyle involves more exercise. So while your mind is on the melting polar ice caps, your bod is getting ready for the beach.

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Welcome to EcoFlirt!

Mar 29, 2010 1 Comment

How do we create local solutions to a global problem? What can we do in Charlotte to become more eco-friendly? These are the questions that spurred this site; these are the question I’ll try to answer.

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