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Ecolicious = Charlotte’s Eco-Goldmine

Aug 22, 2011 2 Comments

When visiting Asheville, I bemoan that Charlotte doesn’t have that same fun, eco-aware shopping vibe that they do. A new store in Plaza-Midwood, however, is infusing a little Asheville soul into the Queen City – Ecolicious. Ecolicious is to Plaza-Midwood what Paper Skyscraper is to Dilworth. It’s that gem of a store, the place you buy gifts that leave people [...]

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Pick Your Own Produce

Apr 27, 2011 Comments Off

At last, the season for flip flops, barbecues, and fresh fruit is here! Take advantage of the weather, and visit one of the many pick-your-own-produce farms open for business. If you’re in the Charlotte area, find a farm near you with the Observer’s map to farms in the area.  If you’re outside the area, find a pick-your-own farm in your [...]

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Earth Day 2011 Freebies

Apr 21, 2011 Comments Off

Happy Earth Day! Pat yourself on the back for your year of green living, and reward yourself with Earth Day freebies. This Friday and Saturday, companies everywhere will celebrate Earth Day with giveaways and contests. Here is where you can celebrate Earth Day with freebies of your own:    Starbucks and Caribou Coffee: Free Coffee [...]

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Red, White… or Green? Vin Master Offers Sustainable, Organic Wines

Apr 14, 2011 Comments Off

South End Charlotte continues to grow into an eco-foodie delight. In addition to the all-local farmers market and Healthy Home Market, the area boasts a new green shopping option: Vin Master, offering natural and organic wines.   Vin Master is an attractive shop with couches, a tasting bar, and two adorable pups who greet customers at the door. Wine [...]

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Eco-Chic at the FROCK Shop

Mar 23, 2011 Comments Off

Recently I entered a FROCK Shop trunk show for some casual browsing, but I left with a moral dilemma as big as my shopping bag: Do I blog about this to get FROCK Shop every bit of attention it deserves, or do I keep this tip for myself to minimize the shopping competition?   Don’t make me regret this. [...]

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Reclaimed Fallen Trees Transformed Into Art

Feb 28, 2011 1 Comment

Local artist Stephen Owen sees art where others may miss it: in local fallen trees. By using these reclaimed trees as material for his work, Stephen transforms this wood — otherwise destined for the landfill — into gorgeous pieces of art.

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Drowning in Catalogs? Save Yourself (And a Tree)!

Nov 30, 2010 Comments Off

Another day, another batch of holiday catalogs. By December, your mailbox is as stuffed as the Victoria ’s Secret bra on the cover of the fifth catalog they’ve sent this week. Here are a few tactics to relieve your mailbox of its holiday burden and your conscience of its eco-guilt.

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Is Your Dog An Eco-Dog?

Nov 13, 2010 Comments Off

Reduce your dog’s carbon paw print with these eco-friendly foods and pet supplies.

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Searching for a Green Dry Cleaners in Charlotte

Jun 21, 2010 Comments Off

How clean is clean? How green is green? I don’t mean to wax Suess-ical, but during the hunt for a green dry cleaners in Charlotte, these questions evolved from the seemingly obvious to the somewhat infuriating.

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Eco Chic in Plaza Midwood

Apr 27, 2010 1 Comment

Shopping isn’t exactly eco-friendly, but dammit, we’ve got to live a little. So if you want to be green while you’re out spending green, there’s the eco-friendly option: go secondhand.

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