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Mar 29, 2010 1 Comment by EcoFlirt

Hopefully by now, we all have our particular eco-concerns: climate change, overflowing landfills, polluted water, food pumped with hormones. Each one brings a cascading number of crises, from health risks to animal extinction. We know that our old ways aren’t sustainable. We know we must make changes.

There are the people who commit right away to environmentalism: the ones who go vegan overnight or who bike to work when their electric car is in the shop. And then there are the rest of us, the imperfect environmentalists. We’re the ones with commitment issues, the ones who liked our old lives just fine, thankyouverymuch. But because we have hearts and brains we know we must do our part, so we flirt with eco-friendly lifestyles. We start modestly, perhaps with reusable grocery totes or a full recycling bin. Maybe we progress to a driving a hybrid car or eating local foods. For most of us, environmentalism is a process consisting of small changes accumulating to a greater good, whether for our health, community, animals, or planet. Well worth a few changes, right?

Yet how do we create local solutions to a global problem? What can we do in Charlotte to become more eco-friendly? These are the questions that spurred this site; these are the question I seek to answer. I’m no expert but quite green at this myself (pardon my pun). As I begin this process, I’ll use this site as a place to ask, to learn, and to share practical tips for the eco-concerned Charlottean. If you’re not a resident of the Queen City, stick around: the concepts will be universal even if the vendors are local. If you’re already a green guru, please share what you know with those of us who are learning.

While we – the imperfect environmentalists — may have our commitment issues, we do love our Earth. And what better way to begin a relationship with our planet than with a little eco-flirting?

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  1. JMT says:

    I see Webster’s Dictionary adding a new word in 2015, and it all started here…ecoflirt! Nothing wrong with a little ecoflirting.