Farmers’ Market Recipe: Arbol Pepper Honey Shrimp

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This recipe has just four ingredients, but it rocked our socks the other night. The secret? Cloister Honey. If you live in Charlotte, you can find it at local food stores like Atherton Market, Reid’s, or Fabo. If you live outside of Charlotte, look for it at Dean and Deluca. The Cloister people are incredibly nice, and this is but one of many recipes they’ve shared over their market table.

Why Cloister Honey is an EcoFlirt favorite: Not only is it locally produced (yay), it’s also raw honey, making it a natural remedy for such things like allergies and migraines (learn more benefits of raw honey). Their flavors make honey a more versatile ingredient than I imagined it could be. Put the cinnamon honey on a sweet potato and it tastes like pie; add lemon zest honey to tea for instant relaxation. And then this one… arbol pepper honey on grilled shrimp. (I was assured that this recipe also works beautifully with scallops.)

Arbol Pepper Honey Shrimp

  • Shrimp (extra credit for sustainably raised – try Clean Catch Fish on Selwyn Ave.)
  • Cloister’s Arbol Pepper Honey
  • Butter
  • Garlic

Brush shrimp with melted butter and minced garlic;
grill for about five minutes on both sides.

Farmers Market Recipe - Arbol Pepper Shrimp

Right before you remove shrimp from grill, brush each side with the pepper honey.

Farmers Market Recipe: Arbol Pepper Shrimp

That’s it. Really. Serve it alongside rice and veggies for a fantastically easy (and healthy) dinner.

Farmers Market Recipe: Arbol Pepper Shrimp

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