Drowning in Catalogs? Save Yourself (And a Tree)!

Nov 30, 2010 Comments Off by EcoFlirt

Every day brings more of them: endless holiday catalogs and advertisements. By December, your mailbox is as stuffed as the Victoria ’s Secret bra on the cover of the fifth catalog they’ve sent this week. So much paper, so much waste. What’s an eco-flirt such as yourself to do with all those dead trees?

Here are a few tactics to relieve your mailbox of its holiday burden and your conscience of its eco-guilt:

Hire The Pros to Do Your Dirty Work

  • Catalog ChoiceCatalog Choice: This nonprofit corporation — endorsed by the National Wildlife Federation and Natural Resources Defense Council  – provides a free service that allows you to opt out of catalogs and direct mail from specific companies. For those who donate just $20 annually to their cause, Catalog Choice will provide you with a premium unlisting service to prevent third-party marketers and identity sellers from sharing your information. Protect the planet and your privacy.
  • 41 Pounds: Did you know the average American receives 41 pounds of junk mail each year? To combat the junk, the service will keep catalogs and direct mail from 25-40 marketing companies from filling your mailbox for the next five years for a $41 fee (that’s 70 cents a month). You can select which catalogs you would like to continue to receive as well.

Opt for Electronic
Be selective when you share your address with stores and marketing companies. When offered, opt to receive promotional emails from companies you like rather than snail mail.

Just Say No
If you receive unwanted catalogs, call the 800 number listed on the catalog and ask to be removed from their mailing list. This saves you the hassle of receiving their materials and saves the company the expense of marketing to an uninterested party.

Yet not all catalogs are unwanted. I peruse the Crate and Barrel catalog as if it was a great American novel. When you’re finished with browsing the goods from your favorite stores, don’t trash the catalogs – recycle! Whether the catalog is plain or glossy paper, it can be recycled through Mecklenburg County ’s Recycle-It Program.


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