Spring’s Coming! Time to Start Seeds Indoors

Feb 25, 2011 1 Comment by EcoFlirt

At last, Spring is coming! While we’re still in the midst of winter, the random teases of Spring we’ve had are proof that, as George says, here comes the sun (doo-dee-doo-doo). And with that, here comes the fun gardening.

While fall and winter gardening has its charms, if I see another leaf of kale, spinach, or lettuce, I’m going to cry. Enough with the winter greens, I’m ready to plant the fun stuff! Tomatoes! Peppers! Squash! Herbs! If you’re like me and already dreaming of your first fresh-from-the-garden tomato, then get to work – it’s time to start seeds indoors. If you’ve never attempted a garden, whether in a yard or in containers on a balcony, give your first garden a shot and you’ll be hooked.

I admit it: I usually cheat and go for transplants. It’s the instant gratification garden. This year, however, I’m starting a good chunk of my garden from seed indoors while I wait for Spring. The necessary equipment is simple, and it can be anything from old plastic containers to egg cartons (check out the helpful Charlotte Observer column Plant a Seed, Grow a Tomato for ideas). Because I’m a sucker for an accessory, I found a seed starter kit from Blackhawk Hardware for my foray into indoor seed planting. It’s a nifty little container: it’s made of organic recycled materials, it’s biodegradable, and at just $8, it’s cheap. The kit is a container that holds 36 mini soil pods, about the size and shape of votive candles. When you first open it, it looks like this:

Indoor Seed Greenhouse Kit

 After filling the pellets with water, however, they swell into two-inch tall seed-growing machines, like so…

Garden - Growing Indoor Seed

From here, I planted a couple seeds in each mini-pot, labelled them, placed the plastic lid on top, and voila – instant greenhouse!

Garden Pellet Greenhouse

And now, I just water and wait. I’ve got my seeds, my starter kit, and some light, and hopefully in six to eight weeks, my sturdy sprouts will find their new home in my garden. And then a couple months after that? I can almost taste that first fresh tomato now…

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One Response to “Spring’s Coming! Time to Start Seeds Indoors”

  1. Jacquie says:

    Great project–fun watching the seeds come to life and then
    planting them in your garden!! :-) Great pictures