Eco-Chic at the FROCK Shop

Mar 23, 2011 Comments Off by EcoFlirt
Recently I entered a FROCK Shop trunk show for some casual browsing, but I left with a moral dilemma as big as my shopping bag: Do I blog about this to get FROCK Shop every bit of attention it deserves, or do I keep this tip for myself to minimize the shopping competition?
Don’t make me regret this.

It’s not as if FROCK Shop is a secret; the long line to the dressing rooms proved that word is out. The buzz is with good reason — this isn’t your usual shopping experience. FROCK Shop is a traveling trunk show based out of Charlotte. They partner with local businesses for show locations and even host in-home parties for their best customers. The concept of Frock is perfectly green: sell resale designer and vintage clothes, use existing space, and even pack it all up in recyclable bags. Be still my eco-heart!

I expected to stay just a minute at the FROCK Shop trunk show, but after I saw racks of gorgeous clothes, shelves of purses, cases of jewelry, suddenly my Saturday schedule found wiggle room. There were racks of familiar brands like Kenneth Cole, J. Crew, and Anne Taylor, along with trendier fare.  The owner knows what her customers want, and the shoppers I talked with were giddy over their options. At times, shoppers lingered around full racks like sharks smelling blood. Prices were unreal: sweaters for $15, designer jeans for $30, and one especially gorgeous coat (3/4 length brown suede — like buttah!) for $82 that I never should have left without.

Resale clothes shopping usually leaves me ambivalent. Sure, there’s the green habit of recycling clothes, but there’s also all that sorting and hunting to find that perfect item. With rare pleasant exceptions, I avoid it. FROCK Shop is the best exception I’ve found. The clothes were like new, arranged and organized for easy browsing, and surrounded by mannequins and displays inspiring accessorization (and of course, further purchases). Although I’m a picky shopper, my dressing room success rate was nearly 100%. Unreal. Only the long line and a busy afternoon could have prevented me from a second round.

I’ll get that second round, however, this weekend. The next FROCK Shop Trunk Show will occur March 26-27, 2011, at NoDa Yoga on 35th Street. And because vices are better indulged in pairs, Amelie’s Bakery will be there as well with some treats. It’s a win-win: while you indulge in shopping and Amelie’s, you can sigh nobly and say you’re doing it all for the Earth. That’s my line, anyway…

For more information on FROCK Shop and upcoming trunk shows, visit the Frock Shop Blog
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