Earth Day 2011 Freebies

Apr 21, 2011 Comments Off by EcoFlirt
Happy Earth Day! Pat yourself on the back for your year of green living, and reward yourself with Earth Day freebies. This Friday and Saturday, companies everywhere will celebrate Earth Day with giveaways and contests. Here is where you can celebrate Earth Day with freebies of your own:
Starbucks and Caribou Coffee: Free Coffee or Tea
If you come to Starbucks or a Caribou Coffee with a reuseable mug on Friday, April 22, they will fill it with free coffee or tea! And after Earth Day, keep up the habit to reduce waste!  
Home Depot: Free Weekend Workshops
Home Depot will offer free Earth Day workshops on organic gardening and energy-efficient products. Spend a couple hours learning new eco-tricks that will make the rest of your year cleaner, greener, and more efficient.  
Lowe’s: Free Trees
Lowe’s will give away a million free trees on Saturday, April 23 to commemorate Earth Day. Get yours, and make your little corner of the Earth a little greener.   
Origins: Free Facial Cleanser
Bring your current skincare product bottle into an Origins store, and Origins will give you a free facial cleanser. 
National Parks: Free Admission
American national parks will waive the admission fee this week through April 24. Put those hiking boots on and enjoy the beautiful weekend!
Sierra Club: Be an Eco-Hero, and Enter to Win Caribbean Getaway
By pledging to adopt an eco-friendly habit (eating locally, reducing plastic, etc.), you become an eco-hero and will be entered to win a vacation to Vieques Island. Not that eco-friendly living isn’t its own reward, but a week in the Caribbean is a nice incentive, too. 
EVOS: Free Milkshake
Enjoy an organic milkshake on the house when you go to an Evos on April 22. 
Disney Store: Free Reuseable Shopping Bag
If you bring five plastic shoppings bags to a Disney Store to recycle, they’ll give you a free reusable bag from Disney. Thanks, Mickey!
Healthy Home Market: Earth Day Celebration
Go to the Healthy Home Economist Market Earth Day celebration on Saturday, April 22 between noon and 4:00 p.m. for a celebration including organic gardening lessons, jewelry sales from GreenMarketGirl and Skye Turtle Designs, Segway demos, bellydance performances, and more!
Charlotte Smarty Pants: Free Gift Pack From The Greener Good!
Enter to win a free gift pack from The Greener Good that contains children’s clothes, toy, and yoga pants, all created by eco-friendly products. The drawing will be April 22, so enter right away!
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