Can I Recycle This? – Tech Edition

Jun 10, 2011 Comments Off by EcoFlirt
Ahh, the fickle heart and the roaming eye of the gadget guru. You know who you are, the one who barely has a new tech toy out of the box before you’re back on CNET to see what will replace it. How quickly our favorite tech toys become relics of our previous lives. But what do we do with our old electronics when we’ve moved onto newer, faster, sleeker?
The answer is not to toss electronics into the trash. We’ve already got more than enough trash and toxins in landfills, and adding gadgets into the pile just adds to both problems. Mecklenburg County now bans computers and televisions from landfills; if you want to discard them, call for a bulky pick up or take to recycling facility. Lucky for us, we do have many options, from donation to recycling to selling old electronics.
From Intel to Dell to Sony and beyond, most computer manufacturers offer recycling programs for their products. If you’re having a hard time tossing that once-beloved computer and need a little incentive, BestBuy might trade you gift cards for it.
Cell Phones
You can recycle your phone through one of many corporate cell phone recycling programs. Better yet, you can donate them to a good cause, such as Cell Phones for Soldiers or at a local women’s shelter (in Charlotte, you can donate to United Family Services).
MP3 Players
Target stores offer drop-off bins for anyone wanting to recycle old MP3 players. You can find more recycling centers for your MP3 players at Earth911. Apple offers a recycling program for its iPods and iPhones, accepting items at the store or through the mail. Bonus: you’ll get a 10% discount on your next iPod if you recycle your old one.

More Resources
  • ECycling Central: Find an electronics recycler near you.
  • EcoSquid:You enter the make, model, and condition of your item, and EcoSquid connects you with electronics refurbishers and resellers who are interested in buying that item from you. If they can’t find anyone to buy it from you, they’ll give you tips on safely recycling it.
  • DigitalTips: Give your old tech gadgets a new life. DigitalTips sends old phones, flash drives, and computers to communities in need in the US and around the world.
  • Freecycle: You never know who in your own community needs that item you’re about to toss. Post in on Freecycle and help out a neighbor.
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