Slow Food’s Five-Dollar Challenge: Charlotte Edition

Aug 19, 2011 1 Comment by EcoFlirt

True or False? A fast food value meal is cheaper than a slow food dinner at home.

False. And Slow Food USA will prove it.

Slow Food USA has issued a challenge: Can you make a delicious meal made with quality ingredients for the cost of a fast food value meal? They think you can. So do I.

My Plea for Recipes

The goal of Slow Food USA’s $5 Challenge is to make a delicious, slow food meal that costs no more than $5 per person. EcoFlirt wants to up the ante and take this concept local. Charlotte-area farmers, retailers, foodies, chefs, bloggers, and food lovers — send me your recipe ideas for great five-dollar-per-person meals. Extra credit for anyone who uses an ingredient or two specific to a Charlotte-area store, farm, or producer.

If you want to participate (Eating great food and saving money! How could you not?), sign up for the Challenge with Slow Food USA, and begin to plan your meal. The date of the frugal feast is set for September 17, 2011. The setting? Wherever you’d like. It can be a potluck with friends, a romantic meal for two, or an indulgent feast for one. While you plan your concept, I’ll pick the brains of local chefs/foodies/farmers for their recipes and post them here in a five-dollar feast online cookbook.

After our meals, let’s share photos and stories of our five dollar feasts. It’ll be our way to show that eating healthy, slowly and locally can also mean eating frugally. Let’s show Charlotte that “your way, right away” has nothing on “our way” — healthy food that connects us to our local community and respects the land.

If you want to contribute a recipe to include in the EcoFlirt five-dollar feast cookbook, please leave it as a comment on this page. I’ll gladly credit your business or blog, so let me know if you’d like me to include your name and any relevant links or information with the recipe posting.

Let’s feast, Charlotte!


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One Response to “Slow Food’s Five-Dollar Challenge: Charlotte Edition”

  1. Janet says:

    I am narrowing down my ideas! What a great project…thanks for getting us involved!