Can I Recycle This? – Tech Edition

Jun 10, 2011 Comments Off

Ahh, the fickle heart and the roaming eye of the gadget guru. You know who you are, the one who barely has a new tech toy out of the box before you’re back on CNET to see what will replace it. How quickly our favorite tech toys become relics of our previous lives. But what [...]

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Reclaimed Fallen Trees Transformed Into Art

Feb 28, 2011 1 Comment

Local artist Stephen Owen sees art where others may miss it: in local fallen trees. By using these reclaimed trees as material for his work, Stephen transforms this wood — otherwise destined for the landfill — into gorgeous pieces of art.

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“Can I Recycle This?” – The Holiday Edition

Dec 19, 2010 Comments Off

Wrapping paper? Photo cards? Christmas trees? The rules can be confusing, so learn what you can and can’t recycle this holiday season.

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Drowning in Catalogs? Save Yourself (And a Tree)!

Nov 30, 2010 Comments Off

Another day, another batch of holiday catalogs. By December, your mailbox is as stuffed as the Victoria ’s Secret bra on the cover of the fifth catalog they’ve sent this week. Here are a few tactics to relieve your mailbox of its holiday burden and your conscience of its eco-guilt.

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